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WTS 1919 cloth belts-All sold

WTS the following cloth belts. All are used unless specified. For sale only in CONUS. Payment by USPS money order. I will ship via USPS Priority mail. Please note which item you would like by the number as well as quantity. I will go by the first "posted" responses on this add not by any pm's to be fair to any buyers. thanks

SOLD 1. Group of 12 -100 round belts. All used some may have imperfections. All have been loaded and used. Sell this group at $115.00 shipped. Sold pending funds

SOLD 2. I have four (4) 250 round belts that all are used and serviceable. I will sell these at 2 belts for $40.00 and $6.00 shipping.Sold pending funds

SOLD 3. I have another 2-250 round belts that I observed a thread tear between the seam at some point on the belt. These work fine except you will not be able to load two rounds at that point unless the belts are repaired at that location. I will sell these at 2 for $30.00 and $6.00 shipping. Same as above photo but with the minor imperfection as noted. Sold pending funds

SOLD 4. I 250 rd + Isrealli .308 belt/used condition/sell at $20.00 & $5.00 shipping. Sold pending funds
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