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As some of you may have known, Lakeside Machine is moving to Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. Most of our inventory is in a warehouse there already, but MUCH more is needed to move. I am able to scrounge up a few of the miniature 22LR beltfed parts kits with the remaining parts we have on hand. I will not be able to get any more until the machines are moved and wired to run......which will be a while. 1919a4 miniature kits are 1469.00 and 1917a1 miniature kits are 1639.00. The 1919's have CNC'd breech blocks and mounted barrels already. For those who buy these kits we will allow a parkerizing kit to go with it for half price. Parkerizing kits include stainless tank, lid, thermometer, concentrate parkerizing solution post op finishing pads, and full instructions. The parkerizing kits are regularly 65.00......half off to buyers of the kits below. Extra solution is also available.

We have spare parts, belts, links, belt loading tools and coming within a few days, magnetic miniature 22LR links.........just stop by the message forums and get involved!!!

The gun kit includes the following details.
Right side Plate blank. (No holes whatsoever, or any slots, JUST the outline of a sideplate is included. You will be supplied with a detailed print of all further machining and drilling. You will need to mill the charging handle slot and the 1/8" slots that unit the plate with the breech block and the pistol grip. The plate is considered the receiver and therefore must be marked with your info as the manufacturer. There is a part of the print that shows details of where and how to mark the plate. A simple alpha/numeric stamp set can be used, but will not give you a professional look if so desired.

The left side plate is DONE. You will need to assemble the leaf spring that controls extractor pressure. All cam milling for the extractor path is DONE. The left plate is in the white.

The breech block in thses kits are CNC machined. The barrel is finished and pinned in the breech block for you all milling and drilling is done on this one. The chamber is roughed out and slab side milled, all that is needed is to finish ream the chamber to the headspaced depth. The contours of the block are DONE. Feed tray polishing and parkerizing is all that is left. A detailed print of all the machine work is included.

The tripod is TIG welded for you. The feet, feet scoops and orientation of the leg knuckles in relation to how the tripod folds up are DONE. You will need to do a simple turning for the tops of the rear leg knuckles to blend in the square tops to the round body of each leg. You will also need to locate the leg stop rings in relation to how the tripod opens up and folds together. You will need to weld the leg catch mount to one of the stop rings and mount the leg latch (DONE). Sand blast, deburr and finish in blue or parkerize and the tripod is done. The pintle yoke is included and DONE. You will need to mount it to the tripod and weld it into place.

All parts for the T&E are included and most of them are DONE. Simple fitting and assembly/finishing is all that is needed. The windage screw and main elevating rod are even DONE in a parkerized finish for you.

The pistol grip is a casting with checkered steel side panels. The grip will need the safety groove milled into the back side as well as fitting to slide into the grooves for the back of the receiver. The safety lever is included and DONE. Fitting and finishing is needed after that. Also in the pistol grip group (GR3), the recoil and firing spring plate is DONE.

The bolt is DONE. You will need to polish surfaces, and deburr for smooth operations, All cam grooves, firing pin pockets, extractor pockets, T-slot milling...is all DONE. The extractor is included in the rough. You will need to fit and tweak the extractor to your bolt; a diagram is included to show squareness of the extractor. The firing pin is included in the rough. it is welded and formed, but needs to be fit to the bolt for smooth operation. The charging handle is DONE. All pins and spring involving the bolt are DONE. You will have to fit and tune the safety tab to the bolt, but the parts are included and DONE.

The trigger pack housing is CNC macined. The trigger bar is drilled and milled and DONE. You will have to tune the sear to the trigger bar and install it in the trigger pack. All springs, pins, and screws are included are DONE. You can polish/form the exposed part of the trigger bar to your liking. The trigger pack is for SEMI-AUTOMATIC operations only.

The top feed cover is DONE. The feed slide is DONE. You will need to install the upper feed pawl and polish/relieve it accordingly. All springs, screws, etc are included and DONE. The feed lever is DONE and parkerized.

BARREL assembly>>>>
The barrel contour is DONE. It needs a finish reamer for the chamber. The barrel shroud is included and DONE. The barrel muzzle nut is included and DONE.

The top cover is DONE. The latch for the feed cover is DONE. All springs and screws are included and DONE. You will need to drill and tap 2 holes to mount the rear sight base. Deburring/polishing/ finishing of the parts needs to be done by you.

The rear sight base is DONE. The windage screw and tiny knurled nut are DONE. The leaf spring for the rear sight is DONE. You will need to make the ladder sight body and slide. A full detailed print is enclosed for you to make these parts. The function of the gun has no relation to the making of the rear sight.

PRICE>>>>The price of the 1919a4 advanced parts kit and packet of prints and operations diagrams is $1469.00 plus shipping/ins. There are no rough "sawed" parts here; the components are nearly all completed or fully complete. Basic machining skills are needed to finish the kit. Your time and energy into polishing, fitting, finishing is the majority of the work. 8 kits are available.

The 1917a1 kits are similar, but do not have the barrels mounted to a cnc'd breech block. Much of the work is the same other than the water jacket. price on these kits are 1639.00 plus shipping/ins. 4 kits are available.

(I estimate the completion of the kits into a working/firing miniature 1919A4 to be between 40-60 hours) Depending on the skill level of the builder and the tools that are accessible, these figures can be more or less......that’s why it is an "estimate". We will supply full online forum support to those who are building this kit. We can supply detailed photos of completed parts/components in the forum to help the home shop builders.

Here is a break down of the GROUPS included in the kit.depicted below is the 1919a4 parts list, the 1917a1 kits is similar except for the water jacket parts and the rear sight assembly, and wood pistol grip.

Micro-Beltfed 1919A4 Parts Kit .22LR Caliber

Front Leg
Right Leg
Left Leg
Cross Bar
Pintel Yoke
Pintel Pivot Bolt
Yoke Rivets round headed X2
Leg Latch
Latch Spring
Latch pivot pin
10-32 fasteners and nuts X3
8-32 fasteners with nuts X2

Primary Elevation Screw w/Thumb wheel
Secondary elevation screw w/yoke knuckle
Cross Bar Clamp
Windage Thumb Screw w/retaining screw
Yoke Pin and Chain
Clamp screw and handle

Checkered handle pistol grip
Safety Lever
Spring Guide Plate

Bolt Assembly stripped
U-clip and retaining pin
Extractor w/ Wave washer
Charging Handle (steel)
Firing Pin
Bolt Safety Tab w/ Retaining screw

Breech Block
Tapered Pin (barrel retainer)
Threaded Cross Bolt
Cross Bolt Nuts 2X
Lower Feed Pawl w/ retaining pin
Feed Pawl Spring
Front Sight Base
Front Sight Folding Blade
Front Sight pin and retaining screw

Trigger Pack Housing/Bottom Cover
4-40 screws X10
Trigger Bar w/ Pivot pin
Trigger Spring
Sear w/retaining pin
Sear Spring

Left Plate
Flipper Cam
Flipper Cam Spring
Leaf Spring

Latch Base
Base Spring
Retaining Screw
Mounting Screws 10-32X1 2X

Rear Sight Base
Windage screw
Knurled knob
Leaf Spring
Mounting Screws 2X

Feed Cover
Feed Slide
Upper Feed Pawl
Feed Pawl spring and Pin
Feed Lever/retaining screw w/knurled nut
Barrel 22 Caliber
Heat Shield
Spacer Bushing
Muzzle Nut
Recoil Spring
Firing Pin Spring

NOTE>>>> the above parts list and descriptions are subject to change. Individual components within each group may vary in the level of completion dependant upon current production schedules pertaining to each group. Please refer to the group numbers and part description if additional parts are needed for replacement.

For more information, pictures and a look at other customers builds, go to www.lakesideguns.com and log on to the message forums. >>>>Every month we draw a FREE item from the Lakeside mechandise pile to give away, you cant win unless you register and sign up in the forums!!!

Our new contact info is as follows...
PH 870-670-4999
Lakeside Machine LLC
1213 Industrial Street
Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512

you can also reach me by email at [email protected]

thanks to all...

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