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Just before Frankie went down into the salt mine, he asked me to take a picture of him wishing all the Fathers out there on the Forum a Happy Father’s Day! The kid is a chip off the old block and lucky for him was blessed with my wife’s good looks.


Here are a few of the items he found:

Two (2) Swedish (BAR) LMG - Kg m/1937 barrel lock handles - $40 for the pair plus shipping.

Four (4) excellent condition M1919A4 firing pins with springs - $20 for the four, plus shipping.- SOLD to tanktrack - SPF

Rare 1928 Colt water cooled blank firing booster (fits on the end of the threaded barrel – now you know why the barrel was threaded) - $35 plus shipping.

Original USGI M1A water chest drain cap and chain - $15 plus shipping. SOLD to Toolmanm203 - PAID

M1 Garand cleaning kit, mostly NOS - $35 plus shipping.

German AA sight (MG34??) - $35 plus shipping.- SOLD to tanktrack - SPF

USGI Ammo chest in nice condition (no rust) used on tanks for Browning M1919A5 and M37’s tank guns - $45 plus shipping. - SOLD to Rory - SPF

Browning M1917A1 condensing hose - $25 plus shipping. SOLD to Craig Johnson - SPF

Standard rules apply, first “I will take it!” followed by a PM gets it. Shipping is a FLAT RATE of $10, whether you buy one item or you buy everything. Please ask any questions before you say you will take it. If I have made any errors in the descriptions, please let me know.

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My box showed up yesterday, Thanks Redroth for the great stuff.
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