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1919A4 Israeli parts kit for sale. Parts taken from demilled weld build. Right side plate was hard welded to top plate and bottom plate. Replacement top plate is new from IRONCREATIONS and replacement bottom plate is surplus from APEX. New rear sight knob. Other parts are original to kit as far as I know. There is a small weld on trunnion at rivet hole (outside) where it was tacked to side plate. Another weld on trunnion repairs a 1/16" grinder mark on pintle bolt housing. Welds were not completely cleaned up to show extent of welds. Internal parts have been machined for semi KMP side plate. KMP semi trigger and semi sear are installed. Barrel bore is good. Pintle bolt hole is 5/8". A one foot long piece of 5/8" o.d. 4130 tube is provided to make pintle bolt bushing. It will need to be reamed to 9/16" and fitted to trunnion and pintle pads. A lot of links included. Pintle, bolt, and T&E also available. See picture link for pictures. The pictures tell the story.
$1525.00 shipped for parts kit and links, $1750.00 shipped for parts kit, links and pintle, bolt, and T&E. Postal or name brand money orders. The first "I'll take it" POSTED IN THE ORIGINAL THREAD gets it. If we are PM'ing about a question you may have and you decide that you want it, post to that effect in the original thread. PM'ing "I'll take it" doesn't count. Please say if you want the parts, links WITH pintle, bolt, and T&E or just the parts kit and links. THANKS.

Link to pictures:

1919A4 PARTS - Google Drive
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