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wts 1919a4 package reduced 06/20/06

up for sale:
bill mckenna built 1919a4
in 308/3006/8mm(shoots all three with bbl and boster swap)
kmp trigger and sear
stainless feedway protector
oversized charging handle
308 bbl
3006 bbl
8mm bbl (brand new)
a-6 kit (izzy)(missing stock clamp,have improvised one,sarco has plenty for sale)
usgi m-2 tripod (izzy used) 1943 dated pinnle t&e
1000 imi links
1 usgi 250 rnd cloth belt
$2200 shipped,open to offers.
prefer a ftf in the state of pa,(will ship directly to pa resident)
i recently got this from a different board in a trade,i have shot 308 thru it (500 rnds)
it was a blast,and ran great.just ordered the 8mm bbl last week.

pics avalible email me
contact [email protected] pc.com
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