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I'm selling one of my 1919’s to finance a Bren purchase. It was built in 2004 with a quality Izzy kit on a T&S 80% rsp that I took to 100% (i.e., it's a homebuilt). Engraved as follow:

Model 1919A7 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Cal 7.62 NATO

Hawk machined the internals and Bill McKenna did the riveting --- so it's a quality job. I've fired perhaps 1000 rounds through it and it runs links or belts with no problem. The park job is light on the right side plate and there is spot where Sam made a mistake with the engraving in “BOALSBURG” that was welded over and re-engraved before I applied the SN.

$1000 or best offer + shipping. Transfer must be through my FFL to your FFL. PM me with any questions. If you or your FFL-holder have any problems receiving a homebuilt; please look elsewhere.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts