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WTS: 1919A4 SemiAuto Incomplete Right Side Plate

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I still have a few "Incomplete" (formerly 80%) Right Side Plates for sale.
All that is required is drilling some holes. All machine work completed.
$100.00 each

PM me or email me to reserve one, Thanks

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On my last build, I did my own "engraving" with a set of letter/number stamps that I got from Harbor Freight for less than 8 bucks. I drew horizontal lines in the appropriate spot with soap stone, supported the back of the plate, and drove MY choice of "ENGRAVING" home. Turned out GREAT!
i've always had trouble just getting my serial ### and INSP initials done right stamping them by hand! post a pic of your complete engraving/stamping if ya can! :)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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