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WTS 2 RIA 1911's

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Both come in cases with manuals/reg cards ETC: in PA

RIA COmpact, comes with 1 Novaks 7rd mag, 2 Chip mccormick stainless 7rd mags. blackhawk IWB holster, ROss leather OWB holster.
approx 295-300 rounds through it, Runs like a top.

RIA Tactical model.

comes with 8rd novaks mag, 2 8rd Blued ,never loaded CMC shooting star mags
has AMbi safety, Skeletal hammer and trigger.
200 rounds through it, has ran 100%.

$345 Each *****SHipped or transfered FTF*****

WIll ship FFL to FFL only in PA or out of state.
FTF at a dealer close to my area , my time schedule right now is blown out of the water for road trips . Gas prices VS shipping (shipping would be cheaper)

USPS MO if Mailed, CASH FTF.

Please, no Tirekickers . I've had enough run around this past week with some other things I've sold.

DOnt like the price, Make an offer.

Pref EMAIL....
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i toyed with it for a couple days, but you are right. i know that it is blasphemy but i just don't like the way a 1911 fits in my hand

(Voice of Robin Williams in "The Survivors")

"Blasphemy! Oh you'll smoke a turd in Hell!" :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts