#1 ($250 plus shipping) RPD lower grip frame. EXCELLENT un-modified condition. Includes the trigger, sear, safety selector, and required springs and pins. Excellent bluing and very little finish wear. No other parts included.
#2 ($150 plus shipping) RPD lower grip frame. Looks to have been modified for a semi-auto setup (not by me, came to me this way). The additional 3 holes drilled in the sides allow a 7/64 drill bit to pass easily, 1/8 bit will not fit. It has been shortened to just under 5 3/4 inches (Serial area is cut off) The front slot for the full auto sear has been milled off so this one cannot accept full auto parts. Other than the modifications it is in very good condition! (No other parts included)
#3 ($200 plus shipping) RPD lower grip frame. This poor guy has seen better days, but still very usable with much life left. Rails for mating to receiver straight and dent free. No cuts or modifications have been made to this piece....it was just neglected and is pitted. No other parts included.
First PM with the number wanted gets it. We will then hash out your preferred shipping method and come up with a total. Post Office MO only on these please. Thanks!
More pics available of each if needed, just PM me.