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I have quite a number of Smokeless powder 37 mm Mil Grade HI/Low casings made by reloadableshells.com , these are Blems that require i hand lap the tubes to the bases and are in the "white" for the most part i have some in 9 mm and a few in .45 in the Hi Pro line and top of the line XD cases which i sell at a discount from his factory first grade , if you want the best shells for your 37 mm launcher ,i have them !! I can provide in 1 3/8" and 1.25-1.260" ID tubes ,total length of case is 5.700" to 5.750" long .
These are vastly superior to BP cases and non corrosive because they use Smokeless powder at 5-8 Gr. depending on powder used ,sadly i do not provide copper burst discs or projectiles but i can show you how to make your own burst discs with inexpensive tools and copper sheet i can locate for you ,i also know where you can get projectile making kits .I support what i sell or trade !!!

The manufacturer is a good friend of mine and he gives me these Blems to help me keep my head above water and he is about to drop another load of them on me early next month of his newest manufacture Blems .

I sell these cases at $15 for Hi Pro cartridge based cases and $20 for the XD cases + priority shipping .

You can see how they work here
Dyer Times has some Great Vids on making payloads on Youtube .
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