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SOLD C Products 10rnd Aluminum $14.95
C Products 20rnd Alum w/green follower $10.99
C Products 20rnd Stainless Steel $12.95
C Products 30rnd Stainless Steel $12.95

C Products M16/AR15 USGI Mil Spe Alum 30rnd $10.99

C Products 9mm Stainless Steel $29.99

D&H AR15 Gray Teflon 30rnd w/ green follower $9.99
D&H AR15 30rnd w/ Magpul Follower $10.99

AR15 PMAG MagPul 20rnd Black $13.50
AR15 PMAG Magpul 30rnd OD or Desert $14.75

Black PMAG Magpul Polymer 30rnd .223 AR15/M16 $14.75

AR15 32rnd 9mm Polymer $14.99

Remember, Cope's has a flat rate shipping fee of $7.95 on orders excluding cases of ammo.[:D]
To order call Geri at 1 866 523 2673 or click here Cope's Distributing
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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