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BA Marked 1919A4 Semi-Auto in 30-06 plus Extras:

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I need to part with a very special, professionally built by me, all Buffalo Arms (BA) marked semi-auto 1919A4 in 30-06. See the list below for the (BA) marked parts. This is a one-off build 1919A4. I took years to track down all the correct marked parts for this build. This was hand built with every attention to detail using specially designed tooling from Russ aka (Toolman) from the 1919a4.com forum. The correct rivets were used in the process as well. The internals are in the white for a very clean look. Included with this is an original Houde tripod. I had not had the time for this restoration and is as it came when it was imported. You will also get an original pintal and T&E. The pintal is clean but the T&E is still in cosmoline grease from when it had been imported. It should clean up real nice. You will get an original “flaming bomb” unrestored ammo can and about 450 links. I am a 07 FFL and my company information is marked on the left side plate. If you are interested, I can include (for an additional $500) a set of restored, parkerized finish and machined internals (BA) marked in .308 with an .308 barrel. The barrel would not be a (BA) marked barrel. This additional request would need to be made prior to the purchase.

I would consider serious offers if you contact me before bidding or purchasing for everything or part listed above. I will not entertain low boll offers or tire kickers. If you are serious, let me know by contacting me we may be able to work something out. These are very rare in this condition and completeness.

Shipping would be an additional fee. However, I will only charge the actual shipping fee with no extras. I will be insured for the full value of the item and would require a signature. I will accept all major credit cards with an additional 3.5% of the total price. If you buy it from my website (last picture) we can offer financing up to $5000.

Please ask questions! There will be no returns of this item so make sure that this is what you want before you purchase.

BA marked parts list:

Adjusting screw
Aluminum grip
Back plate (traditional style, w/ Bakelite panels or marked aluminum grip)
Barrel bearing
Barrel extension
Barrel jacket
Barrel plunger
Belt holding pawl
Belt holding pawl bracket *
Bolt latch (Safety bar)
Bolt latch rivet
Booster plug
Bottom plate
Breech lock
Breech lock cam
Buffer plate
Charging handle
Cocking lever
Drive spring rod
Extractor cam *
Extractor feed cam *
Feed arm
Feed arm pivot bushing
Feed pawl
Feed pawl slide
Firing pin
Front sight, upper and lower pieces
Left side plate *
Lock frame
Pintle spacers *+
Rear sight
Rear sight bracket *
Rear sight leaf spring
Right front cartridge stop
Right rear cartridge stop
Top cover
Top cover latch
Top cover bolt and cam plates
Top plate

*These are generally found on a complete LSP assembly, not as loose parts.

*+ Pintle pads are occasionally found loose from RSP de mil

More pictures and description can be found at:

This is also listed on Gunbroker, but I am not able to provide financing thru them like I am on my website.

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