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WTS: Beretta, Maxim, AMD, AK Parts Kits

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All kits have good barrels and photo shows the kit that is for sale.
FedEx shipping extra.

Questions? [email protected] or 336-601-8418 8:30AM - 11PM eastern

Baretta 38A - $225.00
SPF to R.M.

AMD kits - New guns when de-milled - Your choice $250.00
Both kits SPF
One to CUE7467
One to K.P.

Romanian "G" AK - $225.00

Finnish Maxim #1 - Lock was MIA when photo taken but is included - $1,050 SPF

Finnish Maxim #2 - $1,050 SPF

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as usual orin i am V.F.D. "very few dollars" at the moment, nice kits though, im sure they will be gone by the time i get some cash:)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts