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guys i just bought another zb37 and i have to pay to get the heavy sob here.

forsale or possible trade:

yugo m56 with mag. might have rough bore. will be pulled out of barrel of oil, placed with a mag in a bag and mailed. $125

bren bipods for mark2 i have early and late stle. few of each. $25

vz61 kit with 1 10 and 2 20rd mags. cleaning kit. holster and mag pouch. these things are damn rare now. PM me with an offer of trade and or cash.

bren bolts, and carriers. mark1 and mark2 your choice $50 each

Polish ppsh kits $125 Includes torch cut trunnion. all parts minus rear of the receiver. no mag included. add mags for $10 each.

wtb or wt know where to buy:

I am looking for the cheapest place to find belts and or drums for the zb37, rpd, dp28 and hotchkiss. I am looking for demilled receivers for rpd, dp28, bren, hotchkiss, mg15. Looking for mags for the mg13,15, madsen lmg, and fmk3.

Shipping will be actual shipping cost with delivery confirmation. you can fit alot of stuff into a flat rate box so buy a couple items and save on shipping. I will post pics when i get a chance.

I have an extra mg15 watercooled kit minus receiver and an extra hotchkiss kit minus mag and receiver. I am looking for another couple madsens lmg's, rpd's, 1919, and maybe a cheap pkm. finish doesnt matter as i will likely refinish.
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