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i have a 1944 Inglis 3 cut Interordnance spec (which means its buildable - one of the only kits accepted by wiselite when they build your gun off your kit)
matching receiver and none of the cuts are large with mega metal missing. This one will be the kit you want to weld back up cause the receiver parts are matching and no grand canyon gaps

includes 2 used barrels and 1 new barrel
1 used mk1 barrel without wood but shootable (make a nice 762x54r barrel)
1 used mk2 barrel with broken wood but shootable (can replace the wood handles)
includes 1 used regulator and 1 barrel latch.

1 factory new perfect barrel with perfect new wood carry handle and new regulator

1 new buttstock with natural nice tiger striping and the handle thingy on the bottom

3 mags in nice shape

and a nice bren tripod with nice T&E and both stops are present (could stand to have the scale blasted and reparked and a fresh coat of paint to the frame)

i believe the folding cocking handle is missing the roll pin and spring - see pics - otherwise i believe this kit to be complete - LOTS of sticky yummy cosmoline for you to clean up.

pics should speak for themselves

not interested in trades at this time thank you

$1300.00 plus buyer to pay exact shipping on two boxes and it will be heavy.

not really interested in parting it. If it dont sell ill throw it on gunbroker and if it dont make it there, then ill consider parting it. If you plan on a bren, youll be hard pressed to get a better set.

first "ill take it" gets it

please see all the photos, and if i can help, please ask

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To answer a few questions ive been asked in email so all can see.

Yes, im fully aware that military gun supply in texas sells bren kits for $250.00 with cracked or missing wood handles and 3 torch cuts just like my kit.
there is a HUGE difference between this kit i have offered and what you can buy at military gun supply for $250.00 - i will try to explain
The kits that are for sale now for $250.00 are NOT buildable due to the way the cuts are - specifically the front torch cut - look at where it is and then look at my kits photos. Yes, the military gun supply kits are 3 cut exactly like mine, BUT, my 3 cuts are in a place that actually make them buildable where MGSs cuts are in places that ruin them and basically make them useful only for small parts.

In short, if you want to make a semi automatic, or post sample bren, you arent going to be able to do so with the MGS kit, but will be able to do so with mine. If you are looking for just spare parts and dont need the receiver, or youre just going to make a dummy gun, then by all means, buy the cheap MGS kit.

The kit im offering was sold by interordnance many many years ago, and it is easily reweldable into a legal semi auto or post sample firearm. if you call wiselite arms and ask them if they can build you a semi auto bren on the $250.00 parts kits available at military gun supply they will tell you no. If you ask them if they can build you a semi auto bren off of a 3 cut inter ordnance spec kit they will tell you yes. There is a reason for that. Its because the IO kits are buildable due to where the torch cuts are placed, and the MGS new kits are not due to where the torch cuts are placed.
thats about the best way i can describe it. Look at the front torch cut on the MGS kits, and compare it to mine.

Here is why my price is $1300.00 - this is a price breakdown only to show how i established my price and im not yet looking to part it out.

io early 3 cut parts kit with matching receiver, good clean cuts, 1 used barrel with cracked wood, 1 magazine - $600.00 (ive seen them sell for more)
1 used barrel with no carry handle - $50.00 ish?
1 new barrel with new regulator and beautiful carry handle - $125.00 ish
2 extra mags $25.00 ish
1 beautiful tigerstriped buttstock with handle hoo hah - $100 - 125 ish
1 bren tripod with nice t&e and both stops $450.00
using those figures that brought the price of $1350 - 1375 ish and i set my price at $1300.00

i also understand an IO parts kit sold on this forum recently for $400.00 or so - i saw that add, but i need to argue that was a GOOD deal on that kit, and not what they normally sell for. People sell JUST the IO receivers for that price.

so - after thinking about it some more, im going to drop my price to $1250.00 plus shipping but thats as low as im going to go. I know i can make more parting it out piece at a time on gunbroker. was just kinda hoping to move it all at once instead of having to do it piece at a time.

i have also turned a few people with trades away cause im not really looking for trades, im looking for cash to fund another project. I have thought about it, and im need of the following items and i will accept partial trades for this stuff

1. aluminum bed linker that links 20 or more rounds of 06, 8mm, and .308 similar to the one laminatrap makes or for sale at iron creations
1. 762x54r conversion from barrelxchange
1. 762x39 conversion from barrelxchange


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thanks Matt

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And everything BAR said above about Bren kits from IO and MGS is true. I have kits from both - and wish I had more of the older ones from IO. Bought an MGS kit from Weaponeer solely so I could practice my welding skills on "the real thing" which is destined to become a display dummy. Didn't want to screw up my good IO receivers first try out of the box.
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