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I HAVE 5 BREN MKII KITS TO SELL, i am not going to be able to build these. i want to sell it all in one lot. (not in pieces). no trades, u.s. postal money order or cash only. $3000 plus shipping
2= i have had for about 10 years, 3 cut receivers, looks like all parts there except for one of the bolt holder( i have it somewhere i just need to find it.) these are nice kits. (only one barrel with each kit)

1= i traded for last year, the guy i got it from had it for several years also, 3 cut also. this is a nice kit (only one barrel)

2= i got in the last weaponeers group buy, receivers look bad, i have 2 barrels for them, best i can tell it is missing the 2 pieces that locks the bi-pod on. includes bi-pods. (only one barrel with each kit.)

20= mags i got with the weaponeers group buy.

1= welding jig i got with the weapooneers group buy, i opened the box, but it has not been used. (not in picture)

10= MKIII mag pouches (not in picture)

1= found another barrel to go with the package.(not shown in picture)

send pm if interested.
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