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WTS BREN MKIII, Sterling, MP40 Parts kits and MG34 2 cut receivers!

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Guys as a favor I have been running some ads for my friend Karl Krotz. He has some more items he would like me to offer you guys. I just saw him last weekend and he has some new items.
1. MP40 Parts kit. I think he has two. Very nice condition but not matching. The one I looked at had a very very nice barrel. I think one of the kits has a MP38 Barrel on it. $2600 each shipped. Here is a picture of one of the kits. Please tell him if you want the one with or without the MP38 barrel.


2. MG34 receivers (Two torch cut) for $500 Shipped. Here is a picture of where the cuts are compared to a non-demilled receiver:


I did not look at all (maybe 15 receivers) of them but I think they all come with ejectors and Cams! Look at that huge single piece you are getting! This looks to me to be a great deal and one of the last chances to get your hands on a really nice MG34 receiver.

3. Sterling Parts kits $475 Shipped. Look how much of the receiver is still there!

4. Bren Mark III (Two torch cut) kits! They were demilled a long time ago and are in nice shape. My Friend bought a kit from him (I am not a Bren guy) and this is what it looks like:

Another picture:
Front Cut:
Back Cut:

Nothing was for sure matching in the kits I looked at but everything was about equal. Maybe a few dings here, dirt there... but all about the same. All the barrels looked pretty nice. Some of the internal parts maybe Drill purpose and everything seems fully functional (well except the two torch cuts ). The receiver cuts are all about the same but the pieces may not all be from the same receiver... but the cuts are in the same places. The major difference I saw was in the different styles of legs on the bipods... thats about it. Someone told me these were made in India, but I have no idea? Price is $825.00 shipped

Please call karl and ask him all the normal questions (don't just take it from me) and I am sure he will be glad to answer!

How to order;
For those that do not know Karl, he is one of the most honest people you will ever meet and I can guaranty you will be happy with your transaction. I asked him if I could make a post here because I know there are a lot of people looking for these items. He said yes and if you are interested, call him at 440-862-0378. I make nothing on this deal, just please tell him Matt H. told you to call. Please remember that the picture show samples of items bought from his stock. You will get something close to but not exact what you see.

P.S. Here is a thread I ran for him a while ago on mg42.us and you can see the happy buyer's replies.
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Just a Happy After Thanksgiving bump! Get your orders in before Christmas!

I have been getting lots of emails about these items. Just give Karl a call. All directions for purchase are at the bottom.

Feedback is always welcome!
Bump! Thanks again for all the orders!
He will probably still have a couple... I am really not to sure how many he had... give him a call and he will let you know. Good luck!
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