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I have quite a bit of bren parts. I would say I have two parts kits but, enough to build one rifle and leave someone with tons of extras

There are
2 receivers
4 barrels
4 bipods (two not pictured)
3 pistons
1 bolt
1 mag
3 lowers
a baggy of small parts

Bumper Auto part Gun Trigger Shotgun Air gun Gun accessory Gun Firearm Trigger Rifle Air gun Antique tool Air gun Arsenal Antique tool Font Auto part Metal Sport venue Recreation Metal

What you see if what you get. I am not an expert on these (nor anything at that matter) so I am leaving it up to the buyer to view pictures and know what they are buying before committing.

I will except checks or money order. With any form of check I will ship 4 days after deposited into my account to make sure funds dont bounce.

There are no refunds.

I want SOLD shipped on the lot. If you want special insurance for shipping damages or lost goods that will be extra. i will package the best I know how but what happens from fedex is beyond my control.
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