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I have quite a bit of bren parts. I would say I have two parts kits but, enough to build one rifle and leave someone with tons of extras

There are
2 receivers
4 barrels
4 bipods (two not pictured)
3 pistons
1 bolt
1 mag
3 lowers
a baggy of small parts

IMG_6436.jpg IMG_6437.jpg IMG_6438.jpg IMG_6439.jpg IMG_6440.jpg IMG_6441.jpg IMG_6442.jpg IMG_6443.jpg

What you see if what you get. I am not an expert on these (nor anything at that matter) so I am leaving it up to the buyer to view pictures and know what they are buying before committing.

I will except checks or money order. With any form of check I will ship 4 days after deposited into my account to make sure funds dont bounce.

There are no refunds.

I want SOLD shipped on the lot. If you want special insurance for shipping damages or lost goods that will be extra. i will package the best I know how but what happens from fedex is beyond my control.
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