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Here is the eighth of a few items that I am putting up for sale to fund my next projects (build of my 1928 Colt WC and purchase of a Maxim parts kit). I figured I would offer it to my fellow forum members and if it doesn't sell I will move it to GB.

An original British 1945 dated WWII .303 belted MKVII ammunition box. This ammunition box has both exterior straps, interior packing spacers, and the internal metal can. One exterior handle is in need of repair (quick spot weld) and the ammunition belt is not present (high capacity magazine in California). This ammo box is perfect for a British Vickers MG display or for use in reenactments.

DSC_3341.jpg DSC_3342.jpg

I think this WWII .303 belted MKVII ammunition box is worth the $50 plus actual shipping (estimate about $15 - $20) that I am asking.

I am trying to price all these items fairly, I think they are all interesting items and I am selling them because either my interests or the reason I bought them has changed over the years. I am not particularly interested in trades (or partial trades), but if you have a Maxim kit, panoramic sight for a 1928 Colt WC, or some unusual Vickers accessories I will certainly listen.

First I will take it followed by a PM will get it. I would appreciate it if you ask me any questions up front. SOLD, SPF to Czechsix
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