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WTS: British Sterling airgun.

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This a little bit different, than a lot of stuff being offered here. :confused:

I have a vintage bb gun, modeled after a British sterling.

The last one of these was made 10 years ago, no more are being offered.

The condition mine is in is unrivaled when compared to the few out there.

What is not…

I does not shoot .177 cal bbs

It is not powered by an electrical motor.

What it is:

1: ATF Compliant
2. Very reliable
3. Operates of shop air, will come with proper fittings for instant use
4. Has surprising recoil for an airsoft BB gun.
5. It has the power to stun a squirrel and kill a bird.
6. Full auto.
7. Many metal parts, not cheaply made at all.
8. Comes with two extra magazines.

Parts that are metal:

Front half of gun.
Trigger Guard.
Sights (also adjustiable)
Magazine release Assembly

Plastic parts:

The pistol grip ( this was heavy duty plastic anyway.

Rear Receiver tube Made from ABS plastic, extremely sturdy. There is a slight hairline crack on the top, because a screw was once over tightened. Not a big deal.

Very tip of the muzzle is made from abs.

Why I am selling it…

I don’t or play airsoft. Not a lot of need for it.

This sterling is a very rare piece. Not a lot of them are available. I am sure wether you are a collector or a hardcore reenacter, you would enjoy this gun.

I'd like 425 shipped for this gun, but I could see myself trading for some parts kits.

Photos…. Of course…. Will post a video of this gun firing to.






(This ones also airsoft)

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Email sent

Ammo is 6mm, avalable at walmart.
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