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I’ve recently come across a small skid load of USGI Browning 1919 Parts and am looking to move them. I have large quantities of most of the below listed items, and most are all Saginaw gear manufactured parts (Some are labeled/stamped, and some are not). All are in good condition but have handling marks from years of storage.

For those of you who are original USGI parts collectors, this is your opportunity for original USGI Parts. Also for the collectors I have approximately a dozen top covers painted from their service time with identification numbers if you’re interested.

I also have the ability to degrease, and parkerize any below parts before shipment for a small fee pending order size. I can also machine lock frames, barrel extensions, and bolts to semi specs if you need that as well. These options of course add lead time to your order though; please inquire if you’re interested.
Please email for quickest response and remove the XXX ( [email protected]). Payment via USPS MO, certified check, Personal check (+7 days), and other options negotiable. Also willing to trade for M60, AK, AR, and MG42 parts.

Pics Here: http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q792/stud523bc/image_zps0apf12xi.jpg

-Saginaw Gear 30-06 Bolts $100.00
-Forged Top Covers $40.00
-Cast Top Covers $30.00
-Machined Lock Frames $50.00
-Cast Lock Frames $40.00
-New in Wrap Barrel Extensions $25.00
-Feed Slides $6.00
-Bell Shaped Charging Handles (With Nubbin) $6.00
-Bell Shaped Charging Handles $4.00

USPS Shipping Charges
-Small Flat Rate Box $6.00
-Medium Flat Rate Box $13.00
-Large Flat Rate Box $18.00
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