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My wife got tired of hearing Frankie snoring in his hammock so she gave him some tobacco and sent him down into the salt mine dig out some parts. It looks like he found a little of everything down there so there should be something to interest everyone. Being that it is Memorial Day weekend, I figured I would set SHIPPING AT A FLAT RATE OF $10, whether you buy one item or you buy everything.

Vickers MG WWII flash hider in excellent condition. $45 plus shipping. SOLD to GBYENKO

Original M1917/1917A1 (also fits 1928 Colt) water condensing hose in new condition without box. $25 plus shipping. SOLD to GBYENKO

Original Boys Anti-tank gun chamber no-go gauge (reject), $20 plus shipping.

One small lot of British mortar parts, $10 plus shipping. SOLD to Chemechie.

Original WWII Boys anti-tank rifle receiver cover. I have two, they are NOS but have dirty from laying on a warehouse shelf. A very hard to find item. I have two, $50 EACH plus shipping. Both SOLD to Biomeche.

Nice Zeiss Jena leather battery box and Zeiss Jena optical sight light fixture with cord. This came to me with a Zeiss 1928 Colt water cooled panoramic sight (which it fit) but I think it was actually used primarily on the optical sights of Mg34/42 machine guns. It is in good condition except for the insulation of the light fixture cord. $240 plus shipping. SOLD to redleg105 - SPF

Pair of USGI Browning M1917/1917A1 parts box oil cans, both for $20 plus shipping. SOLD to GBYENKO

WWI British range finder tripod, marked “Stand No. 1 & 2 INF TY RF MKII Houghton 1917 17222” in good condition and works but sheet metal clasp needs brazing. $30 plus shipping. SOLD to Biomeche.

Nine small military punches, $15 plus shipping. SOLD to Craig Johnson

NEW - Grace USA Gun Care Tools which come in an attractive compact zipper case designed for the range bag or just to keep everything together on the work bench, so that it securely holds and protects some of Grace USA's most popular tools. This custom designed 12" x 9" x 1 1/2" case is made from durable, soft Nukaf, and contains a 17-piece set of Grace USA Gun Care Screwdrivers, Grace USA Solid Brass Pin Punches, and a specifically fabricated Grace USA 8 oz Brass Hammer. 100% Made in the USA. $90 plus shipping.

Standard rules apply, first “I will take it!” followed by a PM gets it. Shipping is a FLAT RATE of $10, whether you buy one item or you buy everything. Please ask any questions before you say you will take it. If I have made any errors in the descriptions, please let me know.

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Frankie said, give him an hour and he will try and dig one of each of those up. Tobacco really motivates that little guy!
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