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Bulgarian TM-62M Inert Anti-Tank Mine [PALLET] Price: $99.99

These mines are for display or education purposes only. The mine is a factory inert trainer.

Overview of the TM-62 series mines

TM-62 is the designation for a series of Soviet anti-tank blast mines. The mines have a central fuze and typically have a 7.5 kg explosive charge, however they vary greatly in detail. The mines can be laid manually or automatically from a mine laying machine including the PMR-1, PMR-2 wheeled towed mine layers, the GMZ tracked mine laying vehicle and the VMR-2 helicopter mine laying system.

In a static test, the TM-62M proved capable of penetrating the hull of a Centurion tank, killing the simulated crew of animals inside.

The TM-62 series of mines can be fitted with the same fuzes as the TM-72 series of mines, which include MVN-72 and MVN-80 fuzes which are vibration and magnetism sensitive.
◦TM-62M - The TM-62M uses a circular metal case. It is the most widely employed of the TM-62 series of mines.


Flat Rate Shipping of $9.95 For as many items as you would like to order on one order for shipping to the lower 48 states.

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