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Wts:Burris optics, AK parts, 1919 parts

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Doing a little spring cleaning and getting rid of a few items I don't need anymore. First I'll take it gets the item, no pm's please.

-Izzy .308 booster $30 shipped

-Izzy 1919 carry handle $30 shipped

-assorted AK furniture(Romanian) w/hardware and 1 new surplus sling $35 shipped

-Burris landmark 8x32 binoculars. These retail for $109. The only use they have seen was inspection upon package arrival. Binoculars have excellent clarity for optics in this price range $65 shipped

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Binocs and carry handle spf to jwbensley and AK furniture spf to blackrifles. Private messages sent to both members. May list a few more items about the same time tomorrow morning.

Thanks guys,
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