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Pretty amazing, no BAR's posted on the forum for what feels like a year and then four come up for sale in a month and are all older OOW ones with mostly USGI parts!
Well now we can make it 5!

WTS: Very Early OOW Semi BAR 30-06 marked Collectors Corner. It is unfired since leaving OOW. Low 3 Digit serial number(Very Low 200's). Comes with 2 military 20 round magazines, Sling, Bipod and Manual
$4700 Shipped. Same price as a new OOW from the factory, the only thing missing is the cleaning kit and bolt hold open. E-mail or PM me with any questions and if you have specific picture requests. Prefer your FFL accept shipment from a non FFL individual. Only Shipped where legal.
This rifle looks to be the same configuration as the one that kkkriverrats recently sold. Not nearly as well accessorized as his was but this one is unfired. The Barrel is marked HSA 3-53 which is a High Standard Arms Co. barrel.
To quote Bill Ricca, "BTW Hi Std was known to have some of the best barreling capabilities during WWII. The Korean War HS BAR barrel is probably the best." I hope the attached pictures help, but I can provide plenty more.

In the last day or two I posted on the new member introductions. I did so because I have not posted here since 2010 when I sold my last beltfed, a semi M2HB. I am preparing to become a semi M1919 owner so I won't be a stranger for long. I have done business with members here in the past but I can provide current references if you feel uncomfortable with an FNG. Also, I want to mention that the rifle is Cross posted in other places, but if
a member here purchases it here, I'll donate $100.00 to the board.
Thanks for your consideration,



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