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WTS Colt 604 retro semi built on Nodak XM16E1 lower

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(Lowered price and moved to Gunbroker auction 108972807)

I am trying to get funds together for BAR Gunner's MP-34 0 semi project (so sorry; no trades) and something has to go to pay for it,so... Here's what I have for sale- this rifle was built on a NodakSpud XM16E1 lower receiver using one of the older SARCO vietnam-era Colt 604/M16 parts kits and all semi-auto FCG parts from J&T Distributing. This is NOT one of the current kits they are selling. It was from the batch a while back that appear to have been demilled from almost new rifles, and this is a really nice one. It's vintage is around late 1964-early 1965, has the M-VP barrel marked "12" and comes with two Colt-marked 20 round magazines. Last time I looked, NodakSpud was out of the XM16E1 lowers and would be for a while, so this would be a good way to get a clean 604 built on one NOW if you don't want to wait. It also comes with the green cotton sling and an Ontario M7 bayonet with a later model M10 scabbard.

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