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I have couple pistols for sale first is a COLT Mustang Pocketlite 380 auto. Basicly a 1911 that fits in your hand/pocket and shoots 380. Not made since 90's. Its had 11 rnds fired threw it is a nice dark blue and only wear or scratch is a little 1/16 mark under one of the numbers on the serial number. It comes with 2 factory 6 rnd mags. These are collector peices and most desireable conceal carry guns out there cause they are SMALL and they actually work when needed. $720 SHIPPED

Next is a Taurus PT-99 satin nickel 9mm with adjustable sights, has 500 rnds down tube and very nice, comes with 3 factory 15 rnd mags and 1 17 rnd Meggar mag and a leather hip holster for CCW. $470 SHIPPED

Next is a HK 45USP Tactical, threaded barrel 2 12 rnd mags, adj sights and deadly accurate. Has about 1,000 rnds threw it, after couple hundred .....who counts? $770 SHipped

I will trade for ammo or M1A or maybe 1911 or shoot me a offer:)
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