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WTS complete 1919A4 back plates

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I have Two complete Back plates from Izzy kits. They are in typical parts kit condition but are a little unusual. The buffer asy is the normal length but the grip is short and doesnt have the cut out for the T&E so there just flat on the bottom. $45.00 each shipped.
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Sounds like the WWII 1917A1 style. Do they look like this?

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James, you sneaking in on Ryan's account again? ;) Yes, and I thank you for letting me rub my paws over those rarities!

bigblock, that is correct. Those short cast ones are common enough.
AW-SIM, here are a couple pics, one with the safety in place and one with it removed so you can see the machined slot and notches. This one belongs to a member of this board, but is not mine. Hope he doesn't mind my posting this, but he will remain anonymous. I do have a couple of examples, but with no safety. This is the only example with a safety I have seen, but I am sure a couple more have survived. The soldiers kept throwing them away, so eventually procedures were changed and they were no longer fitted. These original 1917 back plates are certainly are rare, with or without the safety itself.

Dan, since I just saw you slipped in there, I believe the aluminum grip first appeared with the 1919A2 cavalry gun, and so was indeed the first version used on the A4.
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OK, I have squented and squented at Luckys pic. Are those safety dealys a slide in a dovetail with a protursion to catch your finger on or what? I am going to have to dig out my manuals and look. Thanks for posting, Hotch
Hotch, I'll e-mail you more info on that. :)
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