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WTS: Complete M2HB Retracting Slide Assembly

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WTS: Complete M2HB Retracting Slide Assembly -SOLD

This is a used, take-off from a demilled WWII M2HB, all complete just as it came off the gun. All parts are in very good to excellent condition. There is a little bit of orange oxidization discoloration on the pivoting handle bracket, but one would probably refinish the whole assembly anyway. Normal finish wear other than that. Sold as is, but it is all in perfect working order and can be installed as is, ready to roll.

Asking $300 shipped via Priority Mail. First post here gets it, follow up by PM or e-mail. I can take major credit cards, or you can mail funds. Thanks!


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Lucky, I would not refinish that, it looks great the way it is now. I have a few 1919 parts with that brownish orange finish. I have always wondered why some parts turned that color. I think i see a partial K so I think its a kesley-hayes wheel MFG. wish I could afford it now but between you and russ and lee I am broke :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts