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wts cwa m3hb

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I have for sale cwa m3hb with new tripod and t&e, barrel handle,300 links give or take, new cleaning kit,new hot barrel mitt.Only 200rds through gun.
I'm sorry. 8500.00 and also about 50rounds of ammo. must sell.
can't post pics camera broke. In very good shape not a scratch on anything.
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How the heck do you get those large letters...? Is this gun sold yet...? If not,I still have a 1917A1 Browning WC (semi) for sale or for partial trade for this M2HB. Also posted for parts on M2HB.net....and have some WW2 Garands for trade too....
Here's a picture of the reply screen. Click the thumbnail to enlarge. The arrow shows where you change the font size. HTH....

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what is your 1917 watercooled? is it one of lous or an actual 1917?
let me know!
Where are you located?

What area of the country are you located? stan
tripod and t&e

What kind of tripod and T&e are they. Mil. surplus? stan
tripod t&e and pintel are brand new mil spec no tag. The same ones ed at cwa,sarco and a few other places were selling a few years back.
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