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SOLD: Dummy M1A1 Thompson Sub-Machinegun


Dummy M1A1 assembled from a solid aluminum non-firing receiver and original parts. Displays beautifully.

The grip frame was a torch-cut, demilled part and it's been attached to the receiver and the gaps filled. The fill is visible, particularly on the left side, but could be dressed up. See photos for detail. The outwardly visible original fire control parts have been fitted for show. Magazines attach and detach as they should. The barrel was cut and filled where it doesn't show, on the bottom under the handguard. Furniture is all original and unmodified. Sling is a repro. For realism, I've filled the receiver and the 30-round magazine body with lead weights to approximate the weight of a real, loaded M1A1, almost 12 pounds in total.

US buyers only. Payment via PayPal (friends/family option or you pay the fee), Google Pay, or Postal money order.

$450, shipped. *Sold*

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