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Payment by USPS MO preferred. Paypal accepted at +3.5% or via gift.

These are both Finnish made locks for their various Maxim guns, which can of course be used in the Russian 1910 Maxim. These differ slightly from the usual Russian lock construction:

  • The safety sear uses a coil spring instead of a leaf spring.
  • The locks uses a pair of extractor lifters held together by the same type of split pin used in the main body.
  • They don't look like they were machined with a dull butter knife.

Many of the parts are marked with a scrip "L". The pins and some other parts are electro-pencil marked with a "T", which I am told is a Tikkakoski rebuild mark. These are very nice and show light use. $300 each shipped OBO SPF

Click on the thumbnails for full size pics:
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