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WTS FN30 Kit with Brass Cartridge 80% RHSP

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I have a FN30 Kit and a Brass Cartidge 80% RHSP for sale. When I bought the kit it had no front and rear site. I found a front site but it still is missing the rear site. I belive that it is complte otherwise. The 80% RHSP is from Brass Cartridge when he was making them. I bought the side plate to get in line to have my kit built, but he is not building them anymore. I don't have the time or know how to build this kit into a working gun (I have found other things that I want more than this kit). I would like to get $1150 shipped to you. I prefer Postal money orders for payment. Sold pending funds

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Wish I could afford your gun if it was still for sale but I got a dumb question for you. In that first picture, is the gun laying next to a casket? I got one in the back room with handles just like it, it was a cheap wood one covered with gray felt fabric from back in the 60s. Has a bad habbit of pinching your fingers:rolleyes: Hotch
It is a casket. It is a real one, it was given to a freind of ours and he got tired of it and gave it to us. , it sits in our front room. Here are some other pics of it. It is fun to decorate

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