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THESE ARE NOT ANTIQUES, , FFL required, made after 1968!!! NOT antiques and safe to shoot!!!!
>>>For sale, one 1874 carriage model gatling gun miniature in 22short 1/3rd scale.
this is a Furr gun and there is NONE BETTER, period.

This one is mint, mint, mint.....

price is $18.5K


>>>Miniature Gatling gun .30 caliber model 1862 with tools. No makers name. This model fires a .30 caliber lead ball from a capsule/cartridge replicating the 1862 original Gatling design. The capsules are reloaded and reused after firing. Approximately 40-50 cartridges come with the miniature. Overall length is 17" Height is 33.5". Comes with all the tools seen in pictures including a brass cleaning rod. There is a bullet mold, decapping tools, bullet seating press and a bunch other neat stuff to make this acomplete set up. Works perfectly!!! Price is REDUCED from 4600 to $4K!!!...you will NOT build this thing for that!!!

>>>Miniature 1/3rd scale 1893 Gatling gun in .22 rimfire short caliber. The gun was manufactured by the Furr Gatling Gun Company in Orem Utah (no longer in business). The Furr family is the most sought after miniature Gatling gun maker in the world as they are true to detail and method of manufacture. The gun is fed by the Accles drum which holds 63 cartridges. The 6 barreled firing mechanism chambers, fires, and ejects each round as the full size original does. this particular firearm is a 2 digit number. This gun had a custom made velvet lined Oak chest made for it. It is truly a one of a kind combination. Price is $12,500.00 This a near match to the full size Bulldogs being made now.

>>>Also one 1876 Camel gun in 357 magnum. One of 7 built. Furr manufacture, simply the best there is and beautiful! Price is $65K

We are moving our shop and would like to lighten our loads a bit!!..

Prices plus shipping/ins of your choice. possible trades considered, class 3 is ok, make an offer too.

call if interested 920-897-4682

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