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HK21 Clone on JLD Receiver w/Accessories $8,500

Receiver and Feed Box assembled by Rapid Fire
HK Trunion, Shroud and Final Assembly/Finish and Test Fired by Jayson Cotter at IGF
Made from FMP Parts Kit

Cocking Slot Cut/Welded for HK21E Clubfoot Stock

Includes these accessories:

Original 21 stock endcap w/recoil rod and buffer
Heavy Bi-Pod
SEF Clipped/Pinned Semi-Auto Trigger Pack
HK 21E Club-Foot Stock w/Heavy Buffer
18 DM1 Belts (11 with started tabs attached, 7 without start tabs attached)
4 Spare DM1 Starter Tabs
1200 Meter Rear Sight
RDTS MG3/HK21 Tripod Adapter
Hk (NOT DISA) MG3 Tripod with Optics and working Battery Box
MG3 Belt Loader
Spare Unpinned Trigger Housing with Sear Trip
Spare 21 Trigger Frame with Sear Trip, Ready for use with friction Sear
Spare Push Pins
Manual in English

I was originally going to use this rifle with my friction sear but have since sold the friction sear. Transfer your trigger frame components to the spare and you can use your sear with this rifle and other HK/HK clone rifles/pistols. Top/Front area of trigger frame is cut differently that others for the 21 ejector. Price does not include shipping to your FFL. Buyer will pay actual shipping costs. Payment via US Postal Money Order. Rifle will ship from my FFL to your FFL.

Images are full resolution. Not 56k friendly!

http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 001.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 002.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 004.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 006.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 008.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 009.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 015.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 017.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 018.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 019.jpg
http://www.jjcustom.net/images/hk21/HK_21 028.jpg

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And yet another thing I'd like to have, but shouldn't. Luckly, living in New York state's going to save me some money and grief.

But just out of curiosity, it might be a kind of dumb question, why are HK chambers fluted like that?
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