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WTS m1 Garand Clips and bandoleers

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Trying to clean up this mess and frankly had a rather expensive last couple months. Need to dig back out.

Before I put these up on eBay, is anyone interested in a bunch of these?

120 bandoleers each with 6 clips $1200 free shipping.

8 bandoleers for $100 plus likely $10 shipping?

Less than that $15 each bandoleer plus shipping

Contained HXP ammo for a bit other than that, all unused.

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I don't think the pricing is WAY off, but there is a real limited market for these it seems. I had clips on GB for a buck apiece, ( 10 at a time) and it took months to sell one lot. I figured for any less, I would just leave them on the shelf as not worth selling. Rather surprised some of the guns how guys would not pick them up or at least make an offer of the pile
1 - 1 of 5 Posts