I have one premium M134 Minigun kit available...I am pricing this to sell... If you follow the minigun market you know how much these guns are selling for these days..... This kit was put together with all of my personal spare parts that I had for my guns. It is a complete kit less a Gun Control Unit. I am including a Ammunition Box and Ammunition Chute as Extras.

- USGI Surplus Heavy Barrels.. FN Cage code (all gauged and good)
- USGI surplus General Electric 4,000 RPM Motor
- USGI Surplus General Electric Clutch
- USGI Surplus General Electric Rotor
- USGI Surplus General Electric Bolts
- USGI Surplus General Electric Feeder Delinker
- USGI Surplus General Electric Safing Sector and Top cover
- Gawood Industries Clutch Tab
- DTV Arms Bolt Tracks
- DTV Arms Clutch Spacer
- STS Barrel Support
- STS Cast Aluminum Grips (The nicest grips you will ever see)
- STS Guide Bar
- USGI Surplus XM-21 Minigun Ammo Box
- USGI Surplus Standard Armament Feed Chute

The only reason I am selling this is to fund another project. I will not break this kit up or sell any individual parts out of it. If it doesn't sell back on the shelf it goes.

$62,000 Plus Shipping

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
[email protected]