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as i noticed on other posts, we do not have a 50cal for sale forum and that other WTB / WTS threads are here , so I'm going to post mine here . If I'm wrong to do so , feel free to move it, thanks guy,s

i did a search in all stuff i had and this is what i found, seems a pretty good start for anyone who,s planning to build .50 cal

this is whats in the pictures as far as i can tell.

trunion adapter
top cover, this is an M3
drive rod and spring
flash hider
top plate
bottom plate
left and right pawl bracket
bolt witch seems pretty complete and in very good condition
complete back plate ass with grips,
barrel extension looks to be nos
buffer house looks to be nos
oil buffer
ruptured cartridge extractor, handle,
need to check on the total weight, but i,m gonna keep shipping at 75 us dollar, everything more wil be payed on my end
remember i need to send this overseas, can do this in one time ore in several boxes
never had a problem with parts stuff, all arrived safe and sound
i,m looking to get $ 2750.- + $ 75 shipping
when interested you can PM me
ps. dont ask me to sell seperat parts, i,m gonna keep this lott together.

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