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M2 Repro Tripod Project - SOLD - THANKS!

Included are parts for building ten M2 reproduction tripods. Included are ten partially complete heads, (slightly asymmetrical, will not affect constructability, see pictures) complete pintle latches including springs installed, hole saw for cutting pintle bushing hole, steel bushing stock for pintle bushings and bronze bushing stock for pintle sockets, (over 200 dollars’ worth of bushing material) front leg plate parts for template to complete front of tripod head, parts for completion of legs including “stop” rings, leg latch bushing, leg latch “retainer”, leg latch, spring material for leg latches, traverse bar bushings, (will require two tabs each for mounting traverse bar) feet for legs, (25 already “dished”, 5 flat) die for “dishing” feet. Tripod leg “stops” included as well as one bolt/nut for proper size/length.
Work to complete, what’s not included: 1.063” (1 1/16”) OD structural pipe cut for legs to proper angle and length, (OD of tubing is important, leg parts ID are cut for that size pipe) make and weld traverse bar mounting tabs onto traverse bar bushings, weld leg latch “retainer” onto leg latch bushing, make and install leg latch pin, dish remaining feet, weld onto legs, make and weld “sand scoops” onto feet, make and install leg ends which attach legs to tripod head, finish grind welds on tripod heads, cut holes for pintle bushings, machine pintle bushing and pintle socket, weld pintle socket into head, press in or mill/thread hole for and install set screw, make and weld front leg mounting plates onto head. (using template provided) Use material that you will use for front leg end as spacer for welding on front leg mounting plates. Traverse bars to be made to fit tripods, use die latch bolts (see picture, not included) for traverse bar ends. ¾” round bar for traverse bars. I have tried to mention everything that is included and everything needed/work to do. Look at the milspec tripod and compare parts picture and other pictures in case I have forgotten something. See pictures for further detail and instructions. Price reduced, $400.00 shipped. First “I’ll take it” either on post or IM gets it. A large part of the value of this deal is materials. I have already put MANY hours of work into these parts. Postal money order preferred


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