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NIW M240 complete top cover $1125 shipped conus
M240 complete drive train, drop it in and go. $1525 shipped conus
M240 Op rod and small part $525 shipped conus

M249 drive train $1225 shipped conus
M249 bolt $425 shipped conus
M249 gas tube $325 shipped conus

Used M249 bolt, new ejector $325 shipped conus
All new except last 249 bolt marked used.
Rectangle Wood Material property Hardwood Wood stain
Wood Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design
Wood Rectangle Material property Font Electric blue
Musical instrument Wood Guitar accessory String instrument String instrument accessory
Wood Tool Rectangle Hardwood Font
Wood Rectangle Font Wood stain Hardwood
Wood Hardwood Gun accessory Door handle Metal
Wood Musical instrument accessory Table Hardwood Nail
Wood Gun accessory Hardwood Auto part Wood stain
1 - 6 of 6 Posts