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*WTS NIB M2HB 50 cal M3 Tripod Adapters*

These are a must have is your an avid shooter of the MaDeuce!

• This Adapter simplifies your shooting experience by raising your MaDeuce up by 4' inches.No need to crouch on the ground.You can fully extend the legs and litterally sit in a chair from behind.
• Has a Twin Can design (Holds your ammo and catches your spent links)
• Has a fully enclosed Link Chute
• Has built in Pintle Adapter (Drops right into your tripod pintle and T&E)
• Has a built in Belt-Feed Chute (Keeps your belts feeding properly)
• Gives you Full Treverse from Right to Left and allows the T&E mechanism to move freely as if it was never on there.
• Eliminates the dreaded drop cloth under your tripod just to catch your spent links.
• Heavy steel construction (Mig and Tig welded throughout)
• Each adapter comes with all hardware and requires no modifications to install.
• Gives you a very distinctive,clean shooting platform.
• Each adapter comes painted and test fit before leaving the shop. Standard Color is OD Green.

Price for the M2HB Adapters run $395 plus ship.
Thanks guys

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

*Also you can buy online at www.shoot1919a4.com/buyonline.html
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