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I have come into possession of 4 NOS in the original packaging M3A1 combination tools for the M1 Garand.

This tool had a chamber brush, screwdriver blade, and cartridge extractor combined with a punch/pin tool to help remove the extractor from the bolt.

Three of the tools are for sale, in original packaging marked:

"Stock Number J002-7310061
1 Tool, Combination
Dwg. No. 7310061
Packed Nov. 6, 1953 Method 1"

I have unwrapped one for my own use, it is new, in perfect condition.

The screwdriver blade, and brush bushing are marked "PK" for Parker Manufacturing Company, Worcester, MA.

The other three wrapped in a gauze like packing material and covered with preservative, are for sale, however, since they have not been unwrapped, I can not vouch for their condition, or manufacturer.

Numrich advertises this tool, unwrapped, with a REPLACEMENT chamber brush for $29.50. The cost new to the Government was less than $2 in 1944 money.

Your cost, delivered is $45, first come first served.

Considering what Numrich will charge you to buy, delivered, a used tool, with a replacement chamber brush, you can have new in original packing. for less than $10 more.

Since this is a lot of money for a $2 tool I garuantee your satisfaction.

Don't think it's worth the money, return it at your cost, and I will refund the purchase price of $45. You have your money, and I have an unwrapped tool worth less than when I started.

It dosen't get better than this.

e-mail me at [email protected] with questions of orders.
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