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I have (2) 50 round Basket Drums for the M53/MG42/MG34. Both are post war Yugo's (2 in square markings). Each comes with one 50 round belt, full of grease with no markings I could see. I've test function/fit them on an MG42 and M53 feed tray, everything works the way it's supposed to.

.............$60 each shipped (conus) will take shipping into account if you want both.

01.09.16_001.JPG 01.09.16_002.JPG 01.09.16_003.JPG 01.09.16_004.JPG 01.09.16_006.JPG 01.09.16_008.JPG

First "I'll take it" in this thread gets priority/preference.

Thanks, Matt
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