We offer M60 Top Cover overhaul services.....Services we provide for the M60 top cover include - Replacement of top cover tins, replacement of internal fixed components such as the cartridge guide posts / springs etc, replacement of cam bumpers, replacement of missing rivets, replacement of rubber cheek rests, replacement of latch sets.
We have the following Top Cover components available.

Rubber Cheek Rests - $100 - Used Excellent
M60e3 Top Cover Tins (Rivets Included) - $150 - NOS
Top Cover Latch Sets - $120 - Mix of NOS and Used Parts
Cam Bumpers - $50 - NOS
Top Cover Latch Retaining Rods - $35 - NOS
Top Cover Cartridge Guide Posts - $28 each - New

Price for repair work varies based on what you need done. But if you have an ugly top cover, we can make it like new. Some photos below of repairs we have done.
Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
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