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WTS: Manurhin P1, RFI 2A1 (Price Drop --- Restoration Project)

$400 + shipping. Manurhin P1 9mm. These were assembled in France under license of Walther. With a serial number in the range of 228,000 it was made before 1966 and qualifies as C&R. Comes with 1 magazine. The right side of the slide is marked with a French proof mark and crossed cannons with a “3” at the top (it has been said that this indicates that the slide was originally manufactured to fulfill a Portuguese contract but research this for yourself) and with the import mark “INTERARMS / ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA." There is a “Berlin Sunburst” at the left front of the trigger guard which is a property mark for the West Berlin police. Berlin was still under WWII occupation in the 1960s (Berlin remained under occupation until 3 October 1990) and could not acquire German-produced weapons. There is no hex crossbolt which is proper for these guns. There is a small amount of roughness on the front-bottom left side of the slide but overall it is a nice looking and somewhat unusual Berlin Police P1. I’m selling this because I have another. I’m happy to email or text additional pictures.

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Gun accessory

$295 + shipping (price drop 1/9). This is for the skilled individual that likes preservation projects. RFI 2A1 Enfield rifle (7.62mm) dated 1965. The numbers matching on the receiver, barrel, bolt, nosecap, etc. The metal has the typical black paint that looks like it was applied with a floor mop. The stock is better condition than most 2A1 rifles I’ve seen. The bore is bright BUT has a slight bulge about 10 inches from the muzzle. I learned an important lesson with this one – run a rod down the bore before consummating the purchase. I’ll include a replacement barrel (a $100 value) with the sale of the rifle. Since it’s bulged, I do not recommend shooting it without replacing the barrel. I’m selling this as a non-shooter. I thought about parting it out but it’s against my instinct and prefer preserving these rifles for future generations. This qualifies as C&R. I’m selling it because it’s a project I’ll never get to. I’m happy to email or text additional pictures.

Gun Firearm Rifle Trigger Air gun

Gun Trigger Firearm Rifle Gun barrel

SPF -- $400 + shipping. Bren builder’s special. What you see is what you get including receiver sections, stripped slide, bipod, MKI rear sight, complete breach bolt, gas cylinder, and extension with piston. The 3 rear cut receiver sections are for a Bren MKI(M). One front section in line with the rear sections is from a MKII receiver. I’m also including a proper MKI(M) front receiver section that has some grind marks on the front where some idiot slightly ground the area to find the pin holding the original gas cylinder. A new old stock MKI gas cylinder and pin is included. I was lead to believe that these are buildable sections but judge for yourself. I’m selling this since I'm at the end of my Bren builds. I’m happy to email or text additional pictures.

Gun Firearm Air gun Match rifle shooting

The usual rules apply. Please post “I’ll take it” and then PM me. As stated, the buyer pays shipping. I prefer payment by certified funds but if you are an old fart on this site, I’ll take a personal check. If I’m out of line on my prices, please let me know.
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