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I believe these are all WWII. Nine starter tabs marked 3-41, CVO 5-41, LW 11-40, No mark, dfb, CVO, dwc 6-41, 5-41, and another no mark.
Fifteen belts marked 92E 11-40, six marked CVO, cbg 2-41, dwc, waffen mark 2-41, gbd, ST 1-40, CVO 4-41 B 7-40, and one with no mark.
One drum marked WC41 A second drum marked ddf
Drum carrier marked WD43
An aluminum ammo can that came from IMA as was sold as Luftwaffe. Has mark but I can't decipher.
Second steel can can't see a mark thru all the paint.
All this came from IMA in 2006-2007 or from Knob Creek. DSCN2729.JPG DSCN2733.JPG DSCN2734.JPG DSCN2735.JPG DSCN2736.JPG DSCN2739.JPG
I have a semi M53/MG42 on GB with auction ending tomorrow.
Shipping is extra at exact cost from 3260 Gainesville FL. Email to hmd7(at)msn.com for more pictures
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