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WTS: MG3 Bundeswehr Ground Tripod (Complete with Optics) & Yugo M53 Lafette 42 Tripod

Selling off some MG tripods I no longer use.


The MG3 post-war Bundeswehr tripod is in good condition. Have used it with my TNW MG-34 with a Lafette 42 adapter block with no modifications done to the tripod itself. The tripod includes the original accessories such as the cloth carrying straps as well as the Hensoldt periscope optic in clear condition with a little bit of spotting in the periphery. The orange deflector plate has been removed (inside the accessory box) as that was meant for blank firing with the tripod, but you can add that back on if you'd like. Included with the tripod is the electronics box for illuminating the Hensoldt optic for night use. No idea if it works, but is something that is included with the tripod.



The Yugo tripod is in the same condition as I received it, full of comsoline. I have not fired off of this tripod. The tripod still has the optics base, which is something you won't find on the tripods being sold by Numrich. Included also is a Yugo M57 RPG optic which fits the Lafette optics base, though the reticle will be 90 degrees rotated from horizontal.



Payment to be conducted via Paypal Friends and Family or USPS MO. Post is crossposted on other forums. First unequivocal "I'll take it" followed up with payment will be prioritized.

I can ship these tripods to you but you are responsible for the shipping costs and insurance if you would like that. Pick up is also available in the Los Angeles area.

I have lots of positive feedback on Calguns and FAL Files for feedback.

PM me if you have any questions about the items and I will respond back promptly.
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