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Hi guys,

I have an MG42 kit to offer that started as a 3 cut from Dan at Angola Armory. It is a German CRA marked from 1943 with bakelight? stock, but was converted to .308 with the later top cover (not Yugo). It is currently welded into a complete semiauto receiver (with the semi grip stick notch mod and the welded in bolt block mod) but I will be returning it to a 3 cut as I will not take the responsibility for someone else shooting from my welds or the hassle of sending to FFL. This kit is very clean and the receiver is in the clear phosphate finish except for the blued top cover. All other parts including bipod and flashhider are blued. It will need to be rewelded by the owner, but the gripstick and boltblock mods will still be in place. The muzzle bearing end threads were not and will not be cut. This kit has all pieces and nothing is missing or broken. I am giving up on this kit as I have decided to move towards buying an M1A (rifle not tank ) and my limited funds do not allow for too many toys.

As stated in the title, there are some extras. My gripstick has been fully converted by Pirate to the FAL FCG, and the FCG parts are included. The bolt has not been converted yet. I also have a set of rivets and rivet bucks coming from him that I will include in this purchase. As an additional extra I will include 10 50rd belts (a mix of wartime and postwar belts in very good condition from a groupbuy at Weaponeer.com).

I am offering this kit and extras for $1325 shipped in CONUS only (to those states that allow it). I will accept postal MO only for this kit.
If you have an M1A available for trade, let me know what you have and we can discuss.(I think I want a Scout model but not set in stone. Not looking for A NM target rifle but more of a SHTF battle rifle.)
I am attaching a few pics and have more available to potential buyers. This kit is also posted on MG42.US Thanks for looking,
p.s. Since it is listed on a couple of boards, the first emailer saying they want it gets. [email protected]

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