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I am happy to post that we can now offer these for sale. This will be a
limited offering. Only one can be sold per customer.
As you may know this is the key component of a firearm that we manufacture.
WLA will not include any detailed instructions describing the assembly or
manufacture of this firearm. We barely had time to write up this advert!
We cannot openly share the approval letter.

Now here is what we are offering for purchase. This is a complete, semi-auto
receiver. It will have to be transferred to a FFL holder/licensed firearm
Please check your State, County and local laws before ordering.
No un-finished receivers will be offered for sale. This receiver is to be
used only in the semi-auto build of a Yugo M53/MG42 part set that included
the front barrel jacket. This receiver will mate to that front barrel jacket
right behind the rear sight mount, thus completing the full rear length of
the firearm. The WLA receiver is a true semi-auto design and has the
blocking features installed. As per the BATFE FTB approval a full auto bolt
will NOT fit into this receiver. The only bolt that will fit is one that has
been specifically modified for semi-auto use with this receiver. WLA is
including the bolt extension piece that is to be welded on as a part of the
semi-auto conversion of the bolt.

The specifics of the semi-auto Yugo M53/MG42 receiver that you can buy here
are as follows:
The steel used is .105 thickness.
The semi-auto blocking features are already solidly welded into place.
It is the full length to reach from behind the rear sight to the
The buttstock locking cams are installed and the clearance cuts are
The bolt guide rail rivet holes are located and drilled.
The completed machining on the receiver includes the ejection port, feed
tray opening, fire control group opening, bolt camming piece openings,
recouperator tube mounting holes and the slot for the bolt cocking
Included with the purchase is the long rivet for the bolt camming piece, the
short rivets for the bolt guide rails, the semi-auto bolt extension piece,
and the cocking slide ratchet plate (this is not installed by WLA as it has
to be fitted to the cocking slide that is included in your part set prior to

Price for a receiver in the white is $850 plus shipping .
Price for a receiver hot blued is $900 plus shipping.

Add a barrel bushing repair sleeve for $125.

Texas residents add sales tax to the above listed prices.
*Not available for sale in NJ, MA, NY, CA, CT or where prohibited by law*

Please do not POST a reply.
For sales order forms or additional information.
Please do contact me at:
[email protected]
From that e-mail account I can supply the form to be FAXed in with your FFL
and payment info.

Thank you,
Richard C. Hamer
Factory Representative,
Wise Lite Arms, Texas
Class II Manufacturer
FAX: (940) 433-8096
Sales: [email protected]
Information: [email protected]

MG42/M53 semi-auto build tutorial

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why not?

in a time where this totally frightens the bejesus out of most of us. this seems like an important component.

same question about :
WLA will not include any detailed instructions describing the assembly or
manufacture of this firearm.

would we then just have to rely on hoping that Pirate has a build on his site for this receiver?


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You ask very logical questions.

Seems WLA could offer a complete semi-auto conversion, including ATF approval letter/build guide/legal disclaimer and sell them like mad. That, or let someone (like Pirate?) do a complete build using WLA receiver and S/A components, the build documented on CD/DVD and included with S/A conversion.

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yes Pirate does have a build of this on his site. and he has held my hand thru mine as well....

then you also have a Nitegunner with one almost completed so if you get this you know we can/will help you.

its a nice part, but the not being able to show you a compliance letter?? i dont get it.

giving you a compliance letter proving that they are legal doesnt have to "give away their secrets" not that there are any...

if you buy the part your gonna know what they did to it anyway.

they are also saying that when this batch is gone that they are not gona make anymore!!

kind of strange, but hey they do make quality stuff.

you buy it and i'll help you get it together when you come down.

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I've seen this with ssrooms MP-40s.. the approval letter is 'blacked out'.

I was planning on doing a FOI request to the BATFE for an unaltered version.

How can you claim compliance with FTB rules when they don't give you the rules to comply with?

What are they afraid of?!?

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Dumb question here but is this the complete receiver or only certain parts? As some of the m53 kits had certain missing sections. Is there a picture of what we are getting I owuld like to order one. Damm I have to hit the OT hard now.... but would like to get everything of one of these guns as I have kits and spare parts...would go nice with the 50... Oh and pirate I should be almost done with the springs installed on the 50 maybe finish tonight.. will call you...

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it is a rear section, from the trunnion part back.... but it is awesome.

im almost done!!! and have test fired today. yippeeee!!

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Frank, there is a photo here: http://www.projectguns.com/wlr1.html

Man Dutigaf, you are really moving along!! I knew when I spoke to you today you would at least have to try it!!:D
yeah bub, just couldnt stand it had to test fire it... lol

and with out Pirates help guys there is no way i could have got this far this fast(if ever).

owe him several drinks!!
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