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asking $4,000 obo Anyone whos tried to build this gun realizes its impossible almost to make. Lots of machining and welding. So take one thats 90% done.
So I bought this from a friend fully intending on being my dream gun not long ago. Then i walked into a even more complete full auto build so instead of fixing the semi up and keeping im just gonna sell it. Cant afford both now.
I will admit this has a bad paint job someone gave it. if you want the paint blasted we can work it into the deal some way. The bracket for the grip stick has been removed and cleaned up and rewelded properly. The rest of this build is fantastic.
Included is the 8mm top cover and feed tray, bolt, drilled barrel (very fixable but barrels are cheap & included is an 8mm copper plug for welding barrel) semi auto grip stick ,booster, rails properly installed. Semi block is installed. Basically what you see is what you get ! Otherwise as shown. im newish here bc im new to 1919s but been selling on sturm, Gunbroker, etc for years, I do know guys here, feel free to ask any questions.

pictures for below for your consideration
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